It’s National Pasta Day! Here’s Why You Should Eat Some

pastaToday is National Pasta Day! It’s one of the world’s most favorite foods, and rightfully so, with hundreds of known pasta shapes and endless options of pairing with sauces and other scrumptious ingredients.

Before you say, “Yes it’s deliciouSara Z portraits, but it’s unhealthy,” think again! Three Pillars’ Registered Dietitian, Sara Zimmerman points out that, “Pasta is actually a good source of a handful of essential nutrients, including B-vitamins, Iron, and Folic Acid.” She recommends looking for pasta that is also enriched or fortified with extra nutrients to get some bonus nutritional punch. You might see “Plus” or “Smart” in their titles, or go for a whole-wheat version. These types of pasta will taste much like regular pasta, but pack double or more fiber and extra Calcium and Vitamins.

And what about these other pasta myths? Sara lets you in on the truth:

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