Boosting the Immune System in the Golden Years | 8 no-nonsense tips

Like it or not, cold, flu, and just-about-everything-else season is upon us. While we’d all like the sniffles (or worse) to leave us alone, we can’t just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Particularly so for older adults, when the immune system can begin to decline, taking extra steps to support your system takes effort. Luckily, there are several things we can do to give our bodies a healthy boost that aren’t difficult at all. In fact, we think you’ll like these 8 tips way better than you’d like sniffling and sneezing, so give them a try!

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5 Things You Need to Know About Memory Care

A version of this article originally appeared on Angie’s List.

Ibrain, knowledge, understand, memory, memory care, alzheimer's, dementiaf you’ve ever known someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know that there is no cure or simple way to overcome it. Since the memory loss can alter personality and/or abilities to perform basic everyday tasks, a special kind of supportive care is often required. Loved ones must learn to adapt their interactions and expectations, which can be emotionally and physically draining.

Thankfully, there are specific types of communities that cater to people with memory loss, and they can be a life saver for the individual and their loved ones. Memory Care communities provide supportive care in a secure environment. Caregivers are present 24/7, and they are specifically trained not only in caregiving, but in working with people who experience memory loss.

So what else is there to know about Memory Care? Here are five biggies:

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Fall Prevention | Tips from Three Pillars experts for keeping falls at bay

fall, path, walking path, outdoors, hiking, walking trailEach year, countless Americans go to the emergency room with fall-related injuries. Falls are not fun, and we could definitely do without any this fall.

Our physical and occupational therapists are experts in working with adults to prevent falls, and they want you to spend your October picking apples, going for walks, and enjoying the colors changing – not recovering from a stumble. Take their advice and put these ideas in action to keep the falls away:

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Questions About Short Term Rehab? We’ve got answers.

A version of this article originally appeared on Angie’s List.

Have you heard of short-term rehab, subacute rehab, or skilled nursing rehab, and wondered what that’s all about? Read on for the answers to 4 of your biggest rehab conundrums!

Q: What is short-term rehab?

A: A short-term skilled subacute rehabilitation center provides a structured environment where physical, occupational, and/or speech therapies are available 5 to 7 days per week and the watchful eyes and hands of nurses and certified nursing assistants are present 24-hours per day. Physicians are on site on a weekly or as-needed basis to oversee medications and medical progress, and rehab patients still go out as needed to see any specialty doctors. Subacute rehab may also be referred to as short term Skilled Nursing care and can be provided under the same roof as traditional nursing homes for older adults. Subacute rehab is different than inpatient rehab, which is more intense and includes a physician’s supervision on a daily basis.

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10 Reasons Why Wisconsin Is Best For An Active & Well-Rounded Retirement

Wisconsin, lake, Devil's Lake, cloudsIf you’ve been to Wisconsin, you know it’s a grand place full of cheeseheads, beer, and cows. Guess what? There’s even more to it than that! We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons that make it not only a fantastic state in general, but a perfect one for retired adults who want to remain active and engaged in their community.

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6 Anti-Aging Foods That Make a Perfect Snack

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Sara Zimmerman, Three Pillars’ Campus Dietitian

We’ll give it to you straight: there’s not a magical food that will instantly extend your lifespan and make you look 10 years younger. This Older Americans Month, we’re all about embracing age and all the beauty that comes with it, but there are some aspects of aging that we could do without, like diseases or pain. Combating those ailments entails taking care of your body in many ways, so forget the fancy creams, supplements, procedures, or fad diets.  Sara Zimmerman, Registered Dietitian for our campus since 1992, encourages adopting a number of healthy habits to nourish your body, but she also suggests regularly snacking on these six foods to contribute to a healthier – and younger-feeling – you.

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Spotless AND Safe

7 spring cleaning tips for seniors

Dare we say it out loud? Spring has sprung!living room rug couch

So are you ready to clean that house? If you’re like us, a good spring cleaning brings about that renewed sense of accomplishment and puts a little spring in your step (pun intended!). For the 55 and better crowd, a clean living space can not only instill a spring-like fresh feeling, but it can also bolster optimal health and safety.

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How Coffee Hour Makes a Happy Senior Citizen

10 easy ways to combat senior isolation

snow fallingDepending where you live, the late winter months can be frigid, dreary, and seemingly endless. The snow is not quite as white and sparkling as when it was freshly fallen in December. It’s rare to see the sun peeking out through the gray abyss of a sky. The sound of birds singing and children running around outside seem like distant memories – it’s just quiet, frozen, and gray.

For many senior citizens, inability or uneasiness about going outdoors in the cold and snow constricts them to their home, magnifying the lackluster feel of the season. Additionally, at this stage of life, they are likely living alone or with just one other person, often lacking the simplest day-to-day chatter.

Socialization is an impactful factor that can turn that desolation into delight.

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Make Your Heart Happy This Month

1 Easy Meal, 5 Heart-Healthy Superfoods

heart health diet

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Your heart. Your ticker. The hub of your cardiovascular system. It’s pretty important, right? So important, in fact, that it has its own month. ‘American Heart Month’ is sponsored by the American Heart Association and observed annually in the United States during the month of February. You need to take care of that precious organ, and here’s why: The CDC reports that heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men and women. Approximately 600,000 people die of heart disease in the US every year, which comes out to 1 in every 4 deaths.

We know that getting your blood flowing regularly with cardiovascular exercise is one way to keep your heart healthy. Another fantastic way to do your heart a favor is to dish up heart-healthy foods.

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It’s National Pasta Day! Here’s Why You Should Eat Some

pastaToday is National Pasta Day! It’s one of the world’s most favorite foods, and rightfully so, with hundreds of known pasta shapes and endless options of pairing with sauces and other scrumptious ingredients.

Before you say, “Yes it’s deliciouSara Z portraits, but it’s unhealthy,” think again! Three Pillars’ Registered Dietitian, Sara Zimmerman points out that, “Pasta is actually a good source of a handful of essential nutrients, including B-vitamins, Iron, and Folic Acid.” She recommends looking for pasta that is also enriched or fortified with extra nutrients to get some bonus nutritional punch. You might see “Plus” or “Smart” in their titles, or go for a whole-wheat version. These types of pasta will taste much like regular pasta, but pack double or more fiber and extra Calcium and Vitamins.

And what about these other pasta myths? Sara lets you in on the truth:

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