Fashion Over 50 | 7 sensible ways to channel the trends from fashion weeks around the world

With February coming to a close, we’ve enjoyed the holiday of love and even some warmer to send the snow on its merry way. Did you also know that this month saw three very popular fashion weeks, too? That’s right – New York Women, London, and Milan all took to the runway in full force this month.

One of our most popular boards on Pinterest is our “Fifty and Better Style” board, which goes to show that a sense of style is important no matter someone’s age. So, maybe you’re thinking, “Of course I knew about the fashion weeks that took place this month,” because you were riveted to the runway and watched with bated breath to see each of this season’s fashions being unveiled. Or, maybe not?

If you were not one of the fashionistas who paid close attention to the trends this month, but still wouldn’t mind staying in the loop of what’s considered “fashionable” this season, fear not. We’ll give you the condensed recap and a few spot-on suggestions for how to channel your inner fashionista in a practical way.

Here are 7 of the top trends that fashion weeks presented this year:

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Boosting the Immune System in the Golden Years | 8 no-nonsense tips

Like it or not, cold, flu, and just-about-everything-else season is upon us. While we’d all like the sniffles (or worse) to leave us alone, we can’t just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Particularly so for older adults, when the immune system can begin to decline, taking extra steps to support your system takes effort. Luckily, there are several things we can do to give our bodies a healthy boost that aren’t difficult at all. In fact, we think you’ll like these 8 tips way better than you’d like sniffling and sneezing, so give them a try!

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