Senior Communities with a Continuum of Care | What’s the Big Deal? 5 reasons a Continuing Care Retirement Community is a great choice

A version of this article originally appeared on Angie’s List.

If you’ve ever visited a senior living community, you may have noticed that some offer only independent senior apartments, or only assisted and memory care units, while others offer a combination of options. All types of senior communities are wonderful entities, and they benefit countless individuals. One thing to consider, though, is the value of a senior community that offers the complete continuum of care – that is, a place where one can age in place without having to pick up and move the minute they need a higher level of care or different services.

Read on for our top five reasons a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC, is a stellar choice:

  1. money hundred dollar billsMore bang for your buck – CCRCs offer independent living, assisted living and nursing home care all in one campus, and sometimes they even offer additional, specialized options in between, as well. You’ll likely pay a decent entrance fee (that may even be partially refundable to you or your estate), but the peace of mind that comes from having all the services you may need in the future is invaluable. Contracts vary from community to community, so ask how their fees and agreement operates.
  2. Less moving – Picture this: you’ve lived in your senior apartment for 5 years. You start having a difficult time climbing in and out of the tub, and your medication list has grown to be more than you can keep track of. Bet the first thing you want to do is search for an assisted living community, tour, join a wait list, put down a new deposit, pack up, and move, right? Probably not! In a CCRC, this step is much easier, often aided by a knowledgeable social worker and/or sales consultant, and usually only requires a small move to a building across the way or down the hall. In some communities, you can stay in the same place and the assisted living services come to you.
  3. Less paperwork – Many communities allow you to fill out one application and contract that applies to any part of the campus. Rather than starting at square one, you’ll likely just sign one simple new section of a contract for any changes in services. No need to make new copies of your insurance cards and Power of Attorney, either – they stay with your file even if you transition to a new unit.
  4. Ruth and volA person-centered environment – Many people find that the attention to individual needs is overwhelmingly impressive at CCRCs. Once you’re a resident, you’re family. Each staff member in the interdisciplinary team knows the residents and is able to keep an eye out for changes in functioning, therefore anticipating any need for changes in care. The result is residents who feel valued and cared about.
  5. Less stress, more comfort – See reasons 1- 4. Take all that saved time and book yourself a spa day!


Do you have something to add to our list? What have you experienced from you or a loved one’s move to a senior living community? Leave us a reply below!

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