Moving to a Senior Living Community? Add these 5 things to your “to-do” list!

check mark, list, boxes, check list, to-do list A version of this article originally appeared on Angie’s List

If you or a loved one are preparing to make a move to a senior living community, your head is undoubtedly buzzing with errands to run, appointments to make, and papers to complete before the big day. In the flurry of tasks, there are often a few simple but essential things that get overlooked.

Remember to get these five items squared away before the bustle of moving day – you’ll be pleased you did!

  1. community, visit, senior living community, friendsSpend an afternoon at the new community. Ask your contact to recommend a day with a social activity scheduled that would be a good opportunity for you to join. Introduce yourself to staff members and fellow residents, and give yourself one additional preview of the lay of the land. Your future neighbors, housekeeper, chef, and receptionist will appreciate your willingness to introduce yourself and you’ll feel more at ease having an idea of who’s who by the time you move in.
  2. Change your address. Yep, people forget this one. Get that form sent into the USPS and notify your friends and family directly with an email or a letter. This is a good time to inform them of your phone number too, if applicable.
  3. Enroll in Auto Pay for your monthly rent. Most communities like
    receiving payment by auto-deduct each month, and chances are you will too. If the community you’re moving to doesn’t offer that option, at least inquire about paying your first month or two’s rent ahead of
    time. When you’re buried in boxes, you can do without the stress of tracking down your checkbook to get your first payment in on time.
  4. tape measure, measurements, dimensions, room layout, room design, moving, planningGet measurements. Not much can ruin your day quite like a couch not fitting in the living room on moving day (after you’ve paid to have it moved and hauled it upstairs!). Grab your tape measure for that afternoon you go visit, or ask for a floor plan with measurements. Try a free online room layout design tool to evaluate different arrangements. 
  5. Prepare thank you notes. You may want to express your gratitude to a few people who helped with your move. It’ll
    be nice to have these ready ahead of time so that your first days at the community can be focused on exploring your new digs!


Have something to add to our list? We’d love to hear it! Leave us a reply below.


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