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Comparing 4 Common Levels of Care at Senior Living Communities – IL, AL, or SNF? Oh my!

This article originally appeared on Angie’s List.

If you know a bit about senior living communities, you know that options abound. There are options about which community to choose. There are options about the floor plan of choice. There are options about how many meals to eat in the restaurant per day, which recreational groups to join, and which day works best for a weekly housekeeping appointment.

But what about the different types of buildings you may find as part of a senior living community? Before you can even delve into all those choices, it’s imperative that you know the basics about four common types of senior living buildings / units / levels of care. From there, you can work with your family, your physician, and the nurse at the senior community to determine the best level of care for you and carry on with the next sea of choices!

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Fall Prevention | Tips from Three Pillars experts for keeping falls at bay

fall, path, walking path, outdoors, hiking, walking trailEach year, countless Americans go to the emergency room with fall-related injuries. Falls are not fun, and we could definitely do without any this fall.

Our physical and occupational therapists are experts in working with adults to prevent falls, and they want you to spend your October picking apples, going for walks, and enjoying the colors changing – not recovering from a stumble. Take their advice and put these ideas in action to keep the falls away:

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