Not Your Grandmother’s Senior Living Community | 7 amenities that today’s communities boast

This article originally appeared on Angie’s List

Holz Pavilion FireplaceSenior living communities are not nursing homes. They’re not places where older adults are sitting around in front of a TV all day. They’re not old buildings with tiny rooms and ancient furnishings. In short, they’re just not what you may remember if you are still carrying memories of visiting your grandmother back in the day.

If you haven’t been to visit a senior living community in the past couple of years, you’d be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find these days. Senior communities have evolved to be vibrant hubs of livelihood, full of luxurious amenities and catered options galore. If you’re up for it, go take a tour of the senior community in your town. Chances are, you’ll find the following:

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Frank Burany, Centenarian, 100, birthday, 100 years old, three pillars senior living communities

Frank Burany Turns 100 – “It’s just another day”

Frank Burany, Centenarian, 100, birthday, 100 years old, three pillars senior living communitiesWhen your life experiences have included driving the Indianapolis 500 Speedway at 120 mph, flying a helicopter as one of your home town’s first traffic reporters, and munching on hot Hungarian peppers as a snack, few things will faze you. For Frank Burany, even his hundredth birthday was “just another day.”

Frank, who turned 100 on August 16th, is baffled that so many people “made such a big thing of it.” His son, Dick, put on a fantastic party at Three Pillars Senior Living Communities, Frank’s home since January of 2013. After enjoying a perfect afternoon with about 100 guests, he admitted with a grin, “I guess I kind of got warmed up about the whole turning 100 thing.”

A touch of nostalgia sets in as he reflects on the happiness that’s filled his life. “I look back at all my years, and I’ve really had a fun life. It’s been full of experiences, and that’s how I’ve learned many life lessons. Experience is the best teacher.”

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