6 Anti-Aging Foods That Make a Perfect Snack

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Sara Zimmerman, Three Pillars’ Campus Dietitian

We’ll give it to you straight: there’s not a magical food that will instantly extend your lifespan and make you look 10 years younger. This Older Americans Month, we’re all about embracing age and all the beauty that comes with it, but there are some aspects of aging that we could do without, like diseases or pain. Combating those ailments entails taking care of your body in many ways, so forget the fancy creams, supplements, procedures, or fad diets.  Sara Zimmerman, Registered Dietitian for our campus since 1992, encourages adopting a number of healthy habits to nourish your body, but she also suggests regularly snacking on these six foods to contribute to a healthier – and younger-feeling – you.

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3 Tips for Making the Most of Family Dynamics during a Move to a Senior Living Community

This article originally appeared on Angie’s List

Multi Generation Family Enjoying Picnic TogetherEvery family has their quirks – good and bad. There’s the one family member who never ceases to voice their opinion. There’s the one who keeps quiet and lets the others dominate decisions. There’s one who just doesn’t seem to understand where you’re coming from. And then there’s you, feeling completely overwhelmed by it all.

As a leader in the senior living industry for over 100 years, we’ve seen our fair share of unique types of family dynamics. We understand that moving to a senior community can be a tough decision and a stressful time, and rightfully so – it’s an extremely important life change. More often than not, those unique family dynamics can increase the strain. Pat Tomczyk, Certified Social Worker on our campus since 1998, shares three tips for dealing with and embracing unique family dynamics. Continue reading