How Coffee Hour Makes a Happy Senior Citizen

10 easy ways to combat senior isolation

snow fallingDepending where you live, the late winter months can be frigid, dreary, and seemingly endless. The snow is not quite as white and sparkling as when it was freshly fallen in December. It’s rare to see the sun peeking out through the gray abyss of a sky. The sound of birds singing and children running around outside seem like distant memories – it’s just quiet, frozen, and gray.

For many senior citizens, inability or uneasiness about going outdoors in the cold and snow constricts them to their home, magnifying the lackluster feel of the season. Additionally, at this stage of life, they are likely living alone or with just one other person, often lacking the simplest day-to-day chatter.

Socialization is an impactful factor that can turn that desolation into delight.

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Happy Pi Day!

5 facts you never knew and 3 outside-the-box recipes

Does the term “pi” ring any bells from high school geometry? Let us review: Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s Picircumference to its diameter.

Each year, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14) by science and math lovers everywhere. This year’s Pi Day is a super-extra-special big deal, and here’s why: Not only is it 3/14, but it’s 3/14/15, which perfectly continues the decimals of that beloved irrational number. To boot, if you take a moment to revel at 9:26:53 AM, you’ll be celebrating the first 10 digits!

We’re all for lifelong learning, so get ready to dig into a few facts about pi to broaden your horizons (read: impress your friends). Then, continue on to find three unique pie recipes to satisfy your hankerings.

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