What’s a Level of Care?

So the decision has been made. You or a loved one have decided the time is right and you’re moving to a senior living community. You’ve looked into all the benefits and you’re ready to move full speed ahead.

Hickory Facebook Lady biggerNow, you review your brochure from your community of choice and review that part with all the different costs. There’s one cost if you’re moving to the independent living, there’s another cost if you need something called ‘basic assistance level of care,’ and a page of additional costs if you need more.

So do you need a level of care?

While ‘levels of care’ vary from community to community, let us try to help break it down for you in a general sense. Some communities may say simply “level”, “assistance,” “care package,” or have another name for it. Whatever it is, they’re getting at the same thing: What type of apartment and what services they can provide that will make you or your loved one’s living experience the happiest, safest, and most comfortable. It’s not a decision to be taken flippantly, as it can make a big difference in your longevity in the apartment you’ve selected. When expressing your needs or desires and selecting a level of care, it’s not a time for pride or humility to get in the way. If you need, want, or are just accustomed a certain service, be up front about it. It’s essential that the community you’re working knows what your needs are when getting you set up with an apartment. Getting that figured out up front will save time and hassle down the road.

We recommend making a list with someone you trust of what you need and want. For example, you may need assistance with washing and changing the linens on your bed and preparing one meal per day. You’d like to have help with other light housekeeping chores weekly, and it would be nice if you could have transportation to and from your primary care doctor for occasional appointments.

No matter how big or small your list is, bring it up with the person you’re working on your move with, and ask them how these needs can be met. They will be glad you brought them up and provide you with what needs can be met, at what cost, what may be included or not, and what they cannot accommodate. (Chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find a need that can’t be met.) You might even find that many of the services you want are included in rent depending on what part of the senior living community your apartment will be in.

Based on the needs and wants you present, your contact at the community will likely be able to recommend exactly which apartment building and level of assistance (if any) would be prefect for you – maybe it’s the Independent Living building or perhaps the most basic level at the Catered or Assisted Living would meet your needs with an all-inclusive rent plan. Most independent apartments provide basic services like some housekeeping and maintenance, and Assisted or Catered Livings will offer meals and licensed staff onsite to assist you if needed.

Best of luck with your upcoming move, and kudos to you for doing your research to make it the best move yet. If we can ever be a resource for you, don’t hesitate to call on us – we’re always happy to help: 800.848.5306.



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