Five Sneaky Ways to Drink More Water

IMG_7396It’s no secret that hydration is an essential part of wellness – and it becomes even more vital as the summer brings us that glorious warm weather. While there are varying expert opinions on exactly how much water we should be drinking daily, we do know that drinking plenty of it helps you feel energized, keeps your skin fresh, and keeps your body working like it should.

Kerry Holtz, Three Pillars’ Wellness Connection Coordinator reminds us that, “On top of the many health benefits, staying hydrated can also work preventatively to keep serious heat-related ailments at bay, such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.”

Certainly we’ve all heard the eight-glasses-per-day directive, but, according to Mayo Clinic, your recommended water intake depends on various factors, including your overall health, how active you are, and the climate you live in.

Regardless, we could all benefit from drinking a little bit more water on a daily basis. Check out these five simple, sneaky ways to get more water into your life:

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Stay Safe From Four Summertime Safety Hazards

The sun is shining, grills are smoking, and families are gathering. There’s a whole lot to love about summer and hopefully you’re getting to soak up every happy moment of it. Along with _MG_8263all that fun, unforeseen safety hazards can lurk in places you’d least expect them. Here are four areas we think are worth mentioning so you can carry on with your summer fun safely.

1) The Lawn Mower – Whether it’s a pleasant time for you to enjoy the outdoors or just a necessary household chore, mowing the lawn is inevitable. Surprisingly, for about 70,000 people this year, that household chore will turn into a serious close encounter with death or injury. Your lawn mower is more than just another lawn tool that sits in your garage or garden shed – it’s a tool that has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

a. Check it over – before operating your push or riding mower, make sure it’s in good working condition. If something needs repair, repair it. Don’t let one necessary maintenance need turn into a malfunction resulting in injury. Make sure all safety features are in place on your mower, like the dead man switch and the discharge chute guard.
b. Dress appropriately – cover up those toes and avoid any flowing fabric that could get caught somewhere.
c. Scan the lawn before you mow – check for any loose objects before you start mowing. Doing a quick scan to pick up rocks or large sticks will save the hazard of running them over.
d. Be alert – as always when operating a machine, keep your head on a swivel. Don’t mow if you don’t feel well-rested and attentive. Constantly watch your surroundings, especially for kids and pets.

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