Healthcare Advance Directives | What Are They and Should I Have Them?

PuzzleWhat exactly are Healthcare Advance Directives and what is their importance? If we consult Merriam-Webster, they’re defined as: “legal document(s) signed by a competent person to provide guidance for medical and healthcare decisions in the event the person becomes incompetent to make such decisions.”

According to Barbara Fradkin, one of our campus Social Workers at our Masonic Center for Health & Rehabilitation and a regarded campus expert on the topic, “The law does not require you to complete advance directives. The law also does not require you to have an attorney to complete an advance directive. It’s your choice.”

And a choice that we highly encourage.

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Two Hidden Gems at Three Pillars

Three Pillars Senior Living Communities holds two hidden gems – the community’s extraordinary gift shops. They are located within the Village on the Square | Independent Living and Compass Point Catered | Assisted Living buildings.

The idea of having the gift shops was born in 2005 when the Compass Point building was being built. Mary Lou Hauser, who had been a Registered Nurse at Three Pillars for 17 years, was approached to see if she’d consider starting up a gift shop for residents, families, and the community that would benefit resident programs. With an eye for cute merchandise, an interest in retail, and love for Three Pillars’ residents, she happily took on the challenge with the help of her friend and fellow volunteer, Maureen Swokowski. With the direction of the Three Pillars’ Lifestyles Manager, they transformed what used to be part of the Beauty Parlor at the Village on the Square into a picture-perfect gift shop space. They quickly filled this and the newly-built room at Compass Point with gorgeous goods to be sold, and the rest is history.

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